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Hai, terima kasih banyak karena sudah mengunjungi marketplace online ini!
Hi, thank’s so much for stopped by on this online marketplace!

ENDHONESA adalah sebuah marketplace online yang menghubungkan pedagang Indonesia dengan pembeli di luar Indonesia. ENDHONESA adalah sebuah rimba yang cantik untuk menjual segala barang bagus kepada pembeli di luar Indonesia sehingga mereka bisa membeli segala barang bagus dari pedagang Indonesia.

ENDHONESA is an online marketplace that connecting Indonesian seller with buyer outside Indonesia with. ENDHONESA is a beautiful jungle for selling any good stuff to buyer outside Indonesia so they can buy any good stuff from Indonesian seller.

Tujuan dari ENDHONESA adalah menjadikan segala barang bagus di Indonesia lebih mudah diakses oleh pembeli di luar Indonesia, begitu pula sebaliknya dengan cara:
  • membantu pedagang Indonesia yang ingin menjual segala barang bagus di Indonesia kepada pembeli asing,
  • dan membantu pembeli di luar Indonesia yang tertarik dan ingin membeli segala barang bagus dari Indonesia.

Oleh karena itu ENDHONESA memfasilitasi pedagang Indonesia untuk menawarkan dan menjual segala barang bagus di Indonesia kepada pembeli di luar Indonesia. Ini artinya, semua pedagang tidak perlu pergi ke luar Indonesia untuk menjangkau pembeli asing. ENDHONESA juga memfasilitasi pembeli untuk membuat permintaan dan membeli segala barang bagus dari pedagang Indonesia. Ini artinya, semua pembeli tidak perlu datang ke Indonesia untuk mencarinya sendiri.

ENDHONESA bermaksud untuk mencapai hal ini dengan menghubungkan entrepreneur Indonesia, desainer, kreator, label fashion, seniman, indie dan pedagang rumahan dengan pembeli di luar Indonesia sehingga mereka bisa menjual dan membeli secara online dan secara langsung.

ENDHONESA juga bermaksud membantu pembeli di luar Indonesia menjadi jatuh cinta dengan segala barang bagus di Indonesia. Mempelajari tentang kecantikan Indonesia dari buku-buku bagus. Mengagumi fashion Indonesia yang bagus. Beraroma dan merasa unik dengan barang-barang buatan tangan. Membantu pedagang mandiri, mendukung pedagang Indonesia mempertahankan kehidupan mereka dan memajukan barang bagus dalam negara yang berbudaya melalui perdagangan.

The purpose of ENDHONESA is to make any good stuff in Indonesia and buyer outside Indonesia more accessible to one another by:
  • help Indonesian seller who want to sell any good stuff in Indonesia to foreign buyer,
  • and help buyer outside Indonesia who interest and want to buy any good stuff from Indonesia.

That’s why ENDHONESA facilitate Indonesian seller to sell and offering any good stuff in Indonesia to buyer outside Indonesia. It’s mean, all seller don’t need to go out Indonesia to reach foreign buyer. ENDHONESA also facilitate buyer to request and buy any good stuff from Indonesian seller. It’s mean, all buyer don’t need to come to Indonesia to dig it by them self.

ENDHONESA aim to achieve this by connecting Indonesian entrepreneurs, designers, creator, fashion labels, artists, indie and home based sellers with buyer outside Indonesia so they can sell and buy online and in person.

ENDHONESA aim to help buyer outside Indonesia fall in love with any good stuff in Indonesia. Learn the beauty of Indonesia from good books. Adore Indonesian good fashion. Smell and feel unique in handmade stuff. Help independent traders, support Indonesian seller to sustain their life and promote cultured good stuff in cultured country through commerce.

ENDHONESA community consists of the Indonesian entrepreneurs who use ENDHONESA.Com to sell what they design, create or curate, because the smart and conscientious worldwide smart buyer searching for best stuff like food and beverage related stuff, home equipment parts, clothing and apparels, health and sport equipment stuff, education related stuff, transport and vehicle parts, entertainment stuff and something else that good.

The Indonesian entrepreneurs are the artists who produce beautiful stuff, the manufacturers who partner with ENDHONESA sellers to help them grow, the ENDHONESA seller itself and the ENDHONESA buyer, ambassadors and team who maintain, curate and nurture this community marketplace. They are all members of this beautiful community, this cultured nation.

All transaction inside ENDHONESA mainly processed using PayPal as payment gateway. Buyer outside Indonesia make payment to seller in Indonesia through PayPal. So, no worry when do transaction inside ENDHONESA because PayPal have buyer and seller protection, guaranteed 100% save and secure. All payment that made outside ENDHONESA payment gateway is not protected, it’s on your own risk and responsibility.

PASSIONATE SELLERS; Buy from people who love what they do and the way they do it.
UNIQUE BUYERS; Get rated by unique buyers who know and value any good stuff in Indonesia.
GLOBAL COMMUNITY; Be part of the community, share your views and ideas and discover new good stuff.
GROW YOUR BUSINESS; A platform to establish and grow your business.

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